Melvin Kirzner

April 3, 1942 – June 18, 2016

Mel Kirzner bw


Our dear friend and Community Elder, Melvin Kirzner, passed away on Saturday, June 18.

Mel spent his final days in palliative care at TO East Hospital.  He was surrounded by those he loved and those who loved him.

Two of his dear friends, Julie Malichen-Snyder and John Guido reflected on their relationships with Mel at his memorial service on June 20th.

Julie Malichen-Snyder shared:

Mel and I used to keep a jar on the desk at Wolverleigh and later in my office.  Once a week all coins less than a quarter were put into that jar and when it was full he would decide which charity he wanted to help. Mel watched the news each night and sometimes, truth be told, he absorbed the news as he slept in his chair and he had an awareness of where the greatest need would be and the money would be sent there.

To read Julie’s eulogy in full, click here.

John Guido said:

I was privileged to see the deepest part of Mel right from the start. Mel and I served soup a few times at the Good Shepherd Mission, and he often talked of how important it was to show the men that we cared for them. I also saw his tender heart for little ones, whether animals or people; he loved to visit with Carol or Rosie from Daybreak; he delighted in the years when two babies, Marika before me and Timmy after, lived with him at Wolverleigh. With a little support, he was the most caring man.

To read John’s eulogy in full, click here.

We will always remember Mel with great fondness and with deep gratitude for his life. May he rest in peace.